What is next, When Police Found Shraddha Walker’s Bones in Mehrauli Forest

Shraddha Walker’s Bones Found in Mehrauli Forest

The Delhi Police found pieces of bone in the Mehrauli forest area that had DNA that matched samples of Shraddha Walker’s father, police sources said on Thursday. It related this to the horrible murder of Shraddha Walker.

While searching for Walker’s body parts, the police found 13 pieces of bone. Her live-in partner, Aaftab Amin Poonawala, is said to have strangled her, cut her body into 35 pieces, and dumped them all over the national capital.

“The DNA report on the bones found has been given to the police. “DNA samples of Walker’s father match the DNA on the bones,” a source said.

The forensic sciences lab gave the police the results of Poonawala’s polygraph test on Wednesday.

Last month, the whole country was shocked when the Delhi Police arrested Walkar’s live-in partner, Aaftab Amin Poonawala, on November 12 for her murder.

During questioning, Poonawala, 28 years old, told police that she killed Walker, cut her body into 35 pieces, and threw them away in different parts of the national capital.

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When Aftab Gives Some Clue of Shraddha Body’s Part

After he told them, the police searched through many forest areas and dumped a pond in Madangir to find Walker’s missing body parts. The police sent the body parts to be tested for forensics and DNA. More than 13 body parts found in forests in Mehrauli and Gurugram were thought to belong to Walker.

Investigators were on the edge of their seats about the case, and it was also foddered for gossip mills that made up all kinds of scandalous stories that the police flatly denied.

After that, he was brought to court by video conference. Lawyers were angry about the case, and they protested against Poonawala. Some fringe groups also tried to use the term “Love Jihad” to describe it.

There were a lot of questions, like “What led to Walker’s death?” and “Why didn’t she say anything about Poonawala’s abuse?” but there were few answers.

Friends of Walker from Mumbai said that Poonawala had abused her ever since they started dating in 2018.

Even though she had left him before, her friends told the police that she always let him off the hook when he apologized. The couple met on a dating app, and police found out that Poonawala’s profile on the app was still active, and he was still chatting with other women even after he killed her.

Police also talked to the accused’s girlfriend, who was also in a relationship with him. Poonawala took several polygraph tests, and then experts from the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) in Rohini did a narco-analysis test on him at the Baba Saheb Ambedkar hospital.

Shraddha Walker’s bones found in Mehrauli forest DNA, which Match her Father.

Is match DNA After Narco-Analysis Test?

Officers looking into the case said that the things Poonawala said during the polygraph and narco-analysis tests and when police were questioning him were the same.

But a top FSL official said, “We are still waiting for the final results of both the polygraph and narco-analysis tests.” Also, the accused is said to have thrown Walker’s cell phone somewhere, but the police haven’t found it yet. Twitter

Poonawala is currently being held in Tihar Jail. They have also given him Paul Theroux’s book “The Great Railway Bazaar,” which is about a train trip around the world.

The court put him in judicial custody for 13 days on November 26. It added 14 days to Poonawala’s time in jail on Friday so that he will be in prison until December 23.

Poonawala is said to have killed Walker on May 18 and cut her body into 35 pieces with a saw. He is then said to have kept the pieces in a 300-liter fridge at his home in Mehrauli, in south Delhi, for almost three weeks before dumping them all over the city over several days.

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