What is Update Kundali Bhagya 18th January 2023, Preeta Clued?

“Kundali Bhagya,” dated January 18, 2023, in which Preeta gets a hint

This is the latest written update for Kundali Bhagya, which aired on January 18, 2023. The Preeta Tip Preeta interrupts Arjun because she needs to ask him a question. She deliberately gives him the name Karan to gauge his response. She follows up by inquiring about his familiarity with Karan. Karan’s eyes well up with tears, but he keeps his composure. He abandons the ship because he can’t bear the thought of Preeta discovering the truth. Srishti hastily visits Preeta. Preeta stops her and demands to know why the runner is speeding away. When asked about it, Shrishti reveals she has discovered the unbelievable. Preeta inquires about it. Shrishti politely requests that she review the photos they took in Arjun’s room. She holds out the photograph of Karan’s one-of-a-kind jewelry to show. The pendant, she says, is evidence that Arjun could be Karan.

A discovery like this leaves Preeta speechless.

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Earlier on, the Luthras weep and come together around their Karan. Downstairs we have Sameer and Rishabh. They are overjoyed, too, now that their Karan has returned. The house is filled with joy as he clings to Karan, and Rishabh sobs heavily. Shrishti reveals that their suspicions about Arjun being their Karan were justified, as the latter had admitted his true identity. Karan says he’s sorry if he caused any pain with his suspicion. Karan, significantly to Preeta’s surprise, says no. It’s all in Preeta’s head.

Why Shristhi couldn’t control her hasty statement?

Preeta inquires Rakhi if Arjun truly told her he is Karan. As Rakhi explains, Arjun contacted Rakhi’s mother. In her mind, he is her missing boyfriend, Karan. Preeta reveals she has doubts and that Arjun could be Karan. After witnessing Preeta’s uncertainty, Rakhi becomes agitated. When Preeta is asked what she plans to do if she discovers Arjun is Karan, Shrishti asks. Preeta says she would not be lenient toward him. To her, this seems impossible. She cautions Shrishti against making any hasty judgments. She has to double-check the information first.

Written Update Review of the 18th Episode of Kundali Bhagya Presented on January 18, 2023, Third of five, Preeta guessed correctly. The reviewer’s taste served as the sole basis for this evaluation. In the comments, you can provide your thoughts about the program.

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