Who Is The New Boyfriend Of Disha Patani? She Made A Bold Video In Bathroom With Him

Who is Dating Disha Patani?

There is a lot of talk about Disha Patani’s life right now. After breaking up with Tiger Shroff, the actress is reportedly dating her gym trainer and close friend, Alexander Alex Ilic. Recently, Disha and her new boyfriend made a very s*xy video in the bathroom, which is going viral.

Disha Patani Aleksandar Alex Ilic: Actress Disha Patani dated actor Tiger Shroff for a long time, but reports say they broke up recently. Soon after the breakup, Disha fell in love again. According to the news, Disha is dating her best friend and gym trainer, Alexander Alex Ilic. Disha and Alexander have been seen together in many places and go to parties together. Let us tell you that Disha recently posted a video of her and her new boyfriend making out in the bathroom on social media.

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Disha made a video in the bathroom with her “new boyfriend.”

We just told you that Disha Patani and her rumored boyfriend, Aleksandar Alex Ilic, made a s*x video in the bathroom. In this video, Disha and Alexander stand together in front of the camera while a song plays in the background. Alexander is repeatedly making hearts with his hands, and Disha wears dark glasses.

When fans saw the video, they were shocked.

Please tell people that in this video, Disha and Alexander are not wearing regular clothes. Instead, they both wear towel gowns and wrap a towel around their heads. Both of them dance in the bathroom, and Disha twerk in the middle. Alexander and Disha have used bottles of shampoo as microphones. Fans are shocked to see Disha dance so hotly in front of Alexander.

I recently asked Aleksandar Alex Ilic about his relationship with Disha Patani. The model replied that Disha is like family to her.

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