Who Wins The First World Cup Final, Australia vs. West Indies?

Know The First World Cup Australia vs. West Indies

Fredericks caught Thomson in the first World Cup Final, and the West Indian fans were all over the ground. But they didn’t realize that Dicky Bird had called a “no ball” and that the game had to start over.

In the final game of the first World Cup, the West Indies and Australia were the two best teams. On June 21, 1975, the final was played. It was the longest day of the year, and the game continued for a long time.

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Ian Chappell, the captain of Australia, won the toss and told the West Indies to bat first. Unfortunately, the West Indies had a rough start to the game. With 50 runs on the board, Roy Fredericks, Gordon Greenidge, and Alvin Kallicharan all went back to the pavilion. But West Indies captain Clive Lloyd had a great turn, and he and Rohan Kanhai added 149 runs to the score.

Lloyd made an incredible 102 with 12 fours and 2 sixes in 85 balls. He got a score of 55. Keith Boyce and Bernard Julien each scored 34 runs in the last part of the innings, bringing the total to 291. West Indies had to defend 291 runs after losing eight wickets. Gary Gilmour kept up his excellent play from the semi-final and finished with five wickets and 48 runs against Australia. He did this in 12 overs.

Australia vs. West Indies was the first World Cup Final.
Australia vs. West Indies was the first World Cup Final.

It was hard for Australia to catch them. They started slowly and only lost one wicket until they got to 81 runs. Then, the great Viv Richards began a string of runouts. Allan Turner and Greg Chappell were the first two people he hurt. Richards threw both of them straight down.

With the score at 162/3, Ian Chappell tried to take a run off a fumble by Richards and became his third victim. After that, Australia kept losing wickets, and when Max Walker became the fourth person to be run out, they were down to 233/9, with Lillee and Thomson still needing to score 59 more runs.

The two players were hit with a lot of determination, and the run slowly started to add up. They made 35 more runs and needed 24 more from 11 balls. The match lasted three more balls until Thomson was run out for the fifth time.

This was when Fredericks caught Thomson, and the West Indian fans were all over the ground in excitement. But they didn’t know that the umpire Dicky Bird had called it a “no ball,” which meant that the game had to start again after the chaos died. West Indies won the match by 17 runs and their first World Cup trophy.


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